Nyasa YogaTM Healing is a part of Integrated Spiritual Healing. It is a very ancient system of Spiritual Healing, the origin of which are steeped in western and Eastern Mysticism. The technique is none secaterian and non-denominational and can be used by the followers of any religion or even by atheists for personal growth and development so that all the inherent power hidden in human being can be utilized for any good purpose. The practical aspect of this system is entirely oral passed from Master to student. In fact this is the basis of all system of healing and enlightment. In this system fifty energy centers of our body are fully activated for complete transformation & fulfillment.


The method was kept a closely guarded secret and was revealed only to very worthy students. But by the grace of God and permission of Ascended Masters this is being disclosed to general public for the benefit of Mankind.
Dr. B. P. Sahi revealed this system for the first time 35 years ago. He has been in touch with Great Sadhaks, Siddhas and Spiritual Healers since his very childhood days. He began his Sadhana at the age of 10 and was qualified to teach as Master by the age of 35. But all these years he kept a low profile, but by the inspiration, insistence and guidance of Dr.Ramakant. K. Keni of Bombay Hospital an internationally known spiritual Healer. Dr. Sahi began to teach, train and Heal people from 1985 in his institute of which he is the founder Director.
Since then he came in contact with many western Healers from England America, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Manila. In addition to this Dr. Sahi practices most of the Alternative Therapies. By now he has trained thousands of lay people, doctors, Reiki Masters, Yoga teachers and people from corporate sectors.
Dr. Sahi has arranged international psychic Healing camps in different parts of the country. He is also Patron or founder of many Holistic Centers in England. He is familiar with many languages such as Sanskrit, German, Bangla, Urdu etc. He leads a simple life and now is involved in training people of villages and school children so that love and Harmony may be restored in all communities.


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